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Transport Management Software

The strength of our software lies amongst others in the close cooperation with hands-on people, which enables us to offer a highly qualitative and user-friendly transport management system (TMS).  TransLine strongly commits to support all processes within a transport company and to merge one seamlessly into another, ranging from the preparation of an offer over the actual booking and follow-up to the invoicing and related accounting process.


Our TMS focusses on the ease of use and the availability of information, which resulted over the years in an increasingly intuitive and even more visually oriented user interface. The dispatching screen for example, is the center of our software.

In one single glance, the dispatching screen shows a clear overview of the planned and yet to be planned routes, the available truck fleet and the drivers present. But TransLine does not limit itself there. Thanks to a wide range of functionalities, a dispatcher can easily perform following tasks :

·       create new trips;

·       alter existing journeys;

·       query for all kinds of (detailed) information;

·       quickly exchange information with drivers or subcontractors;

·       inquire for the location and status of a truck.

Routing / trips

If we look at the planning process, TransLine strongly focusses on two elements – purely to allow a transport company to freely determine its working method :

·     on the one hand journeys can be 'registered' – meaning not all details have to be

      filled in immediately;

·     on the other hand a transport order can be completed to the smallest details.

Regardless of the chosen method, our software will assist you by displaying an overview of all the entered journeys in the dispatch window. Consequently it's easy to define each driver's task list - just click & drag each action to be performed!

A dispatcher is also free to choose how he/she inserts several identical or alike journeys into our TMS - at the same time. No matter if the trips have to be performed in one day or one several dates, TransLine will create & link a unique reference to each order line. In this manner mistakes or omissions are normally intercepted quickly.

Fleet management

Our software allows each carrier to easily manage all his vehicles - regardless of the type (tractor or trailer) or whether they own property (or not). Almost all info can be inserted in TransLine - even various supplementary overviews like a trip history, or a list of all refueling stops and maintenances.

Additional charges

Currently one can not simply ignore all kinds of additional transport costs, as there are so many to take into consideration : a fuel surcharge, the Belgian road tax or any other toll (Maut or péage), and eventual waiting time. A close follow-up by the dispatcher, as well as a fast and accurate information message to the client are greatly appreciated nowadays. In this respect, TransLine has opted to gather all extra costs in one window and allow the user to send out their information messages with one simple click. However, the actual invoicing only takes place when the invoice is finalized, and can be documented as greatly or little as the client wishes.


Once the status of a journey is marked as 'done', an invoice can be issued. All the to be invoiced transport orders can be selected easily, after which TransLine automatically generates and prints the concerning document(s). If desired, both a paper copy and a digital version can be drawn up.


A further follow-up of the account(s) can also take place within our TMS. TransLine comprises for example the following features :

·     display (a) notification(s) if a client reached or exceeded its credit;

·     clearly show all outstanding invoices;

·     either allow a manual entry or automatically import payments received;

·     reminders can be sent directly from within our software, but accounting data can also

      be exported easily for further use in your external system(s).


Our TMS understands the needs of a contemporary transport company. For example an accurate archiving of all sorts of transport documents is very important. TransLine pampers you with a fully automated system for the storage, follow-up and processing of documents - like a CMR, weighing tickets or a VGM/SOLAS certificate. At any given moment you can see which document is related to a specific container, journey or transport order.


A lot of attention was paid to the interaction with its users, but TransLine also acknowledges the importance of information exchange(s) between transport companies and between a carrier and other parties (quays, storage facilities). With our TMS it's possible to :

·       make a pre-notification for a quay in Antwerp or Rotterdam, directly from within our


·       establish a full integration between your (already existing) telematics systems in a

        way that:

         *  a document is automatically processed and added to the documentation of a

            journey, as soon as it's scanned;

         *  also export documents (like an EX-A or EAD) can be processed, or even be linked

            without human intervention;

         *  all kinds of information can be requested for. Think for example at the current

            location of a truck, its current status or fuel consumption.


It's already possible to make overviews or to export data to Excel, yet TransLine takes it one step further. Soon we're introducing a separate reporting module ...

Full loads

All principles and functionalities as described above are also applied in our TMS module 'Full Loads'. Given the nature of a consol load and the additional handling that's normally needed, various extras can be discovered here.

ConnectX app
Full Loads
ConnectX app

TransLine also offers a flexible mobile solution that allows smooth communication with all your drivers and/or subcontractors.


Each dispatcher can send activities and monitor the status of every connected driver. Moverover, interactivity is king :

·       Two way feedback is possible with our App, mainly between dispatcher & driver.

        Container and/or seal numbers can be exchanged quickly and efficiently, but

        additional documentation can also be consulted.

·       A chat function is present.

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